Oportunidades profesionales


Fecha límite: 22/05/2024

IDEA Innovacion

Provincia: Navarra

Localidad: Cizur Menor


Taking responsibility for the caregiving process (individually and collectively). Care planning. Collaborate in the maintenance and recovery of the elderly person’s autonomy. Evaluate the results of the process.

Participate in the chronicity care program and carry out health promotion and disease prevention activities and inform and train the family (family of reference).

Train and inform the auxiliary staff on the care to be followed (guidelines).

Identify risk situations and educate residents and support them in their recovery.

Work in a nursing and interdisciplinary team.

Develop attitudes, skills and values, adjusting their decisions and behaviors to the bioethical principles of care based on the professional code of ethics.


Nursing Degree (Approved), to value positively, knowledge in Geriatrics and care and attention to the elderly.


Nursing Degree (Approved)


Not required


At least 1 year.

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