29 UPNA researchers, in the top 2% of the most cited scientists in the world, according to Stanford University

29 de November de 2023

A recently
updated study by Stanford University (USA) places 29 researchers linked to the
Public University of Navarra (UPNA) in the top 2% of the world. In the section
of the world’s top most cited throughout its research career, the UPNA has been
adding members in the last two years: 16 people in 2021; 20 in 2022; and 22 in
2023, which shows a steady growth in terms of those who work in the Navarre
institution and have greater global scientific impact, the UPNA has reported in
a note.

Stanford University study, in addition to the aforementioned ranking of the
impact throughout the academic career, also includes an additional ranking that
focuses on the impact generated over the previous year: 2022. 15 of the 22
people from the first ranking are repeated in this last ranking and 7 more are
added, resulting in a total of 29 different people listed between the two.
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