Why Navarra

  • Navarra is a leader in forest sustainability with 460,000 hectares of woodland and forest
  • Pamplona has grown as a ‘green city’ model in Europe with 19 m2 of landscaped areas per inhabitant, making it one of the greenest cities in continent
  • Navarra is a lead region in renewable energy: over 100 companies represent 11% of the regional employment
  • It treats and cleans 100% of its wastewater
  • The region’s ongoing efforts to preserve and promoting its heritage crystalize in enjoyability of some architectural jewels such as the Olite castle, and the cathedrals of Pamplona and Tudela
  • Public spending on culture in Navarra is €48.10 per inhabitant, the highest in Spain and at Europe best levels
  • Navarra, with a Human Development Index of 0,926 (2019), is placed at the same level in this index as USA, and in better position than Austria, Israel, Luxembourg, France or Japan as a reference, and at a much higher level than Italy, Greece or Spain
  • Health System: 6.16 doctors per 1,000 inhabitants (INE)
  • Internationally renowned universities and centres: UPNA, Universidad de Navarra and a specific training centre for renewable energies
  • Life expectancy in Navarre is 84 years, one of the highest in the world and at the same level than Japan
  • 17% of employment in Navarra is devoted to R&D/Innovation
  • Our region devotes 1.8% of its GDP to R&D/Innovation, a higher percentage than in Spain
  • Consolidated network of leading technology centres in agrifood, energy, industry, and biomedicine (AIN / Naitec) y biomedicina
  • Navarra is Spain’s one of the leading region for exports and has one of the highest positive trade balance
  • More than 150 multinational companies from 20+ different countries based in Navarra
  • Open economy: Navarre exports near to twice as much as it imports
  • Navarra is a safe region with a comparatively low crime rate and has its own autonomous police force, the Policía Foral de Navarra


If you have something to offer Navarra, Navarra has something to offer you.

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