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  • From the primary and transformation sectors, they add 8% to the GVA of Navarra. The GVA increased by approximately 11% in the period 2008-2014, which is above the average of the rest of the sectors.
  • Both sectors have a similar level of employment, with both of them responsible for around 24,000 jobs (9.1%).
  • The producers’ professionalism, specialisation and commitment to the regional balance of Navarra stands out, along with the existence of a rich fabric of cooperatives and self-employed workers.
  • The transformation sector stands out in the total of Navarra’s exports, representing more than 10% of the volume of exports for the region. It underwent an increase of around 180% in exports between 2008 and 2014 (far above average growth for exports as a whole in Navarra).
  • It is the third sector in number of patents and has a reference technology centre in Spain.



If you have something to offer Navarra, Navarra has something to offer you.

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