7 researchers from Navarrabiomed are included in 2% of the world’s most cited scientists.

14 de December de 2021

Stanford University (USA) has recently published the World’s Top 2% Scientists, an update of the ranking that represents 2% of the most cited scientists in diverse disciplines.  The ranking, considered to be the world’s most prestigious, is based on information from the Scopus database and includes more than 180,000 researchers.

The list, published in PlosBiology, ranks 7 Navarrabiomed researchers in the world’s Top 2%.  The study includes two rankings: one with the list of researchers depending on the impact of their citations throughout their career and another that is limited to 2020.

Like in previous years, there are 4 researchers from Navarrabiomed on the list of the world’s most cited scientists taking into account their whole scientific career:

  • Miguel Beruete Díaz (Multispectral Biosensing)
  • Humberto Bustince Sola (Artificial Intelligence and Approximate Reasoning)
  • Mikel Izquierdo Redín (Physical Exercise, Health and Quality of Life)
  • Íñigo Lasa Uzcudun (Microbial Pathogenesis)

When the time reference is limited solely to 2020, a further 3 researchers from the biomedical research centre are added to the ranking:

  • Antonio García-Hermoso (Physical Activity, Children and Youth)
  • Nicolás Martínez Velilla (Geriatrics)
  • Robinson Ramírez Vélez (Physical Exercise, Health and Quality of Life)
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