A company from Navarra revolutionises the aluminum industry by producing the first batch of recycled aluminum with green hydrogen

12 de July de 2023

breakthrough in the production of recycled aluminium in Navarra. HYDRO has
achieved a milestone in the industry by producing the first batch of recycled
aluminium using green hydrogen. Located in the municipality of Irurtzun, in the
region of Navarra, Hydro Navarra’s factory has become the first in the world to
replace natural gas with carbon-free green hydrogen as a smelting fuel.

pioneering achievement has been made possible thanks to the collaboration of
Fives North American Combustion, Inc, a leading industrial engineering company
specialising in hydrogen burner technology. Until now, this type of testing has
been limited to laboratory settings, but Hydro Navarra has taken the innovation
into the real production field.

The working
prototype will allow the evaluation of the results obtained and will provide a
valuable opportunity to facilitate the production of extruded aluminium
profiles. This breakthrough not only represents a significant step towards
sustainability in the aluminium industry, but also highlights the growing importance
of using cleaner and more environmentally friendly technologies.

production of recycled aluminium using green hydrogen has the potential to
significantly reduce carbon emissions and reduce dependence on fossil fuels in
the aluminium supply chain. In addition, this innovative technique will
contribute to the circular economy by making use of existing materials and
reducing the need to extract new resources.

The news of
this breakthrough in Navarra has generated great interest both nationally and
internationally. The Invierte En Navarra project has become a benchmark in the
transition to more sustainable production, and it is hoped that this success
will further boost investment in clean technologies in the region.

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