ACCIONA x El Ganso wind-bladed slippers – Recycling plant based in Navarre

20 de December de 2023

Energy and El Ganso have launched a new line of trainers made from recycled
wind turbine blades. The sole of the shoes is made from materials from wind
blades that have reached the end of their useful life and have undergone a
micronizing process. This technique, a pioneer in the blade recycling sector,
consists of reducing the size of the fibreglass and epoxy resins to microns by
means of a mechanical transformation process.

“El Ganso x ACCIONA” model has an exclusive design that includes the
brands of both companies and a reference to the origin of the recovered
material used to make the sole, reflecting the commitment of both companies to
sustainability, circularity and innovation.

23-metre-long blade from the Aibar wind farm in Navarra, which has been in
operation since 1998, was used to manufacture this line of slippers. During its
useful life, the blade captured the wind used to generate 12,500 MWh of clean
energy, which prevented the emission of 5,461 tonnes of CO2 into the
atmosphere, equivalent to the purifying effect of 4,160 trees. The recycling of
blades is one of the great challenges facing the wind industry as thousands of
wind turbines reach the end of their useful life. However, blades are more
complex to recycle, as they are made of composite materials such as fibreglass,
carbon fibre, resins and other polymers. ACCIONA Energy, in addition to
carrying out innovative blade recycling projects such as this one, has recently
announced the construction of Waste2Fiber, an industrial-scale wind blade
recycling plant in Lumbier (Navarre).

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