American and UPNA students solve five engineering challenges

26 de July de 2023

After five
weeks of living with a group of 28 engineering students from Auburn University
in Alabama, USA, the International Engineering Project in Pamplona, a programme
launched by CITI Navarra through the Industry 4.0 Chair (CITI Navarra and
UPNA), has come to an end.

The five
entities that have participated (Viscofan, Tracasa Instrumental, Cener,
Tesicnor and Nair Center) highlight the “talent, creativity and good
organisation” of the young American and Spanish students.

This is an
international training programme, now in its twelfth year, in which the
students, organised in groups, work for the first time in companies with real
projects. In this case, on heat pumps, automatic learning, design of adapters
for controllers, fire extinguishing backpacks… Along with the Americans, six
UPNA students with scholarships from the Industry 4.0 Chair took part, enjoying
a five-week international experience with full linguistic immersion. Next year
they will be able to follow a research project at Auburn University at no
academic cost.

director of Tesicnor’s software development department, David González Oyón,
applauded how the students have successfully solved the challenge “with a
lot of talent”. For his part, Viscofán’s data scientist, Pablo Allo
Martínez, stressed that the objective has been met “in a very satisfactory
way”. “For us, the contact established with CITI Navarra, the UPNA
and Auburn University is very valuable”.

projects have been: Cener (developing a heat pump), Viscofan (product
innovation), Nair Center (machine learning for weather forecasting), Tracasa
(simulating point clouds through 3D scenes) and Tesicnor (designing adapters
for Oculus Quest controllers for firefighting backpacks)

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