Automotive, metal, transport and agriculture need more labour in Navarre

15 de February de 2023

It is estimated that this year in Navarre there will be around 4,000 job vacancies that cannot be filled due to a lack of professionals. This problem particularly affects key sectors such as the automotive, agri-food and transport industries. In order to try to find ways of addressing this problem, a conference has been held called Professional profiles and training needs in Navarre. Perspective 2030.

Specialists from multiple sectors agree that the lack of qualified profiles could be solved thanks to a boost in Vocational Training. Isabel Moreno, ebro regional director at Caixabank, pointed out that “one in four job opportunities that will be generated in Navarre this year will go to vocational training”. They also highlighted the importance of the transition towards hybrid profiles, which are versatile and capable of adapting to projects with agility.

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