Development of an innovative prototype related to wind turbines

16 de August de 2023

Crane is in the process of developing its own product as part of its line of
With the
idea already patented, its professionals are finalising the design of a first
prototype with which they intend to facilitate the handling and movement of
wind turbine blades for the renewable sector.
Now all
that remains is for our proposal to be tested by the technologists”, Patxi
On the
other hand, thanks to this innovation project, Optimus Crane obtained aid from
the NEOTEC Programme, in 2022, with which they obtained 325,000 euros spread
over two years.
Now they
can “strengthen their product development line” after being the 31st
best valued project out of the 400 that were presented.

 The entity also offers a consultancy service,
in which they try to analyse and find the best possible strategy for the
construction of renewable energy plants.
We have had
clients who, by suggesting a more expensive crane, have saved 180,000 euros per
mill built”, Fabo argues.
They have
already offered their services in countries such as Chile and Egypt.
strategy has been reinforced by the 24,000 euros from the ICEX Next Programme,
which seeks the internationalisation of Spanish companies.
In two
years, 90% of the projects we invoice should be outside Spain,” Fabo

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