EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative: Deep Tech Talent Training Prize

13 de September de 2023

European entity EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative is launching the Deep Tech
Talent Training Prize, a series of prizes related to the development of talent
at a technological level.

European prizes, promoted by the EIT (European Institute of Technology and
Innovation), which is also working on a pioneering programme that will train
one million people in deep technology fields over the next three years, are
aimed especially at young women in secondary education interested in
technology, higher education students in need of more specialised training in
technology and adult students who need to improve their skills in the same

The award
seeks to recognise and reward excellence in addressing advanced technology
training challenges and outstanding contributions of training providers in
programme implementation. Each winner will receive up to €60,000.

providers, employers, universities and industry partners can apply and showcase
their contributions to advanced technology training.

deadline is still open, you can find more information here.
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