Excellence and quality continue to grow in public education in Navarre

7 de February de 2024

Public education in Navarre is experiencing growth in terms of
excellence and quality. On 26 January 2024, the Department of Education awarded
awards to 33 educational centres in Pre-school, Primary, Secondary and
Vocational Training. These awards, “Quality Centre” and
“Excellent Centre”, were given to centres that have successfully
implemented quality management systems (QMS) in accordance with the
Department’s regulations.
The event, presided over by the Regional Minister of Education, Carlos
Gimeno Gurpegui, took place in the Archive of Navarre. Gimeno highlighted the
commitment of the centres to continuous improvement in teaching and learning.
Currently, more than 50% of public schools in Navarre participate in the QMS
programme, covering all areas, stages and linguistic models in the region.
The quality project, led by the Organisation, Training and Quality
Service and the Education Inspection Service, is inspired by international
standards and management models. To date, 61% of the schools in quality
networks have been recognised according to the Department of Education’s
quality standard.
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