Gazelle’ companies: 80 companies from Navarre are among the fastest-growing companies in Spain

10 de April de 2024

During the 2019-20222 period, Spain experienced a notable
growth in the number of gazelle companies, those that stand out for their fast
growth in terms of employment and turnover. In total, gazelles were identified
in 1,156 Spanish municipalities, representing 13.7% of the total. Among the
regions of Navarra, Aranguren, Galar and Noáin stand out, after Pamplona and
Tudela, for hosting a significant number of these companies. Aranguren has five
gazelles that together have generated 285 jobs, and Galar, with five gazelle
companies, has generated 266 jobs.
The diversity of sectors in which these gazelles operate is
wide, extending across 36 different branches of activity. Particularly
prominent is the land and pipeline transportation branch, closely followed by
the food industry and architectural and engineering technical services, each
grouping a significant number of gazelles. In addition to contributing to
economic diversification, these companies are playing a crucial role in
employment generation, with Sedena, Nordex Blades and SEIN TIC leading the way,
followed by EOS Ingenieróa and Iqusde Auxiliares. These last offer a variety of
services, from environmental project management to maintenance and ancillary
services for a wide range of clients.
This picture highlights the vitality and growth potential of
the Spanish economy, driven by these fast-growing companies. Their ability to
generate employment and diversify economic activity across multiple sectors
underscores the importance of supporting gazelles as drivers of innovation and
economic development in the country.
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