Health promotes with 30,000 euros the research in the health centers of Navarra

11 de June de 2024

Department of Health of the Government of Navarra has launched a call for
funding with a budget of 30,000 euros to support research in Primary Care
centers of the Navarra Health Service.

This call
is aimed at professionals in medicine, nursing, dentistry, social work and
physiotherapy, allowing them to intensify their research activity.

The funding
covers the cost of the temporary hiring of substitute staff, allowing principal
investigators of active projects, financed by public or private calls, to free
up to 50% of their annual working hours. Health center directors can request
this intensification for a professional from their center, considering the
curricular merits of the candidate and the strategic relevance of the research

To be
considered for this funding, an application signed by the director of the
health center, a copy of the research project with accreditation of the funding
received, a project schedule and the researcher’s curriculum vitae must be

deadline for submission of applications is July 1. At the end of the research
period, the head of the organizational unit must send a final report to the
Department of Health detailing the impact achieved by the research.

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