Loudspeakers inspired by the sea and handmade in Pamplona

6 de September de 2023

Sounds, a company based in Mutilva, Pamplona, is dedicated to designing and
manufacturing handmade sea-inspired loudspeakers. Craig Thorburn, originally
from New Zealand and a former luxury boat builder, and Alastair Waugh, are the
brains behind this innovative idea. The company’s name, which means “salt
and wood”, reflects their love of the sea and their desire to capture the
powerful sound of waves crashing on the beach.

The idea of
creating loudspeakers came about during the pandemic when Alastair, spending
more time at home, felt the need for music and proposed the idea to Craig.
Craig mainly does the carpentry, while Alastair does the interior design and
sound testing. With the help of their third partner, Neal Taylor, they are
bringing the project to market.

They are
preparing six speakers made from walnut and birch plywood, with internal
components sourced from a specialist factory in Denmark. They estimate a
starting price of 10,000 euros per unit and are looking for distributors in
several cities, including Bilbao, Madrid and Cambridge. Tom Curlewis, a new
addition to the team, is in charge of the 3D designs.
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