More than a quarter of the 500 doctoral students at the UPNA are international.

8 de November de 2023

This is the
highest rate of doctoral internationalization achieved by the UPNA to date,
according to Mercedes Sanchez, director of the Doctoral School of Navarra
(EDONA), who points this out in a note from the UPNA. In addition, 42 of the
theses being carried out this academic year at the university correspond to the
industrial doctorate mention modality. This type of thesis implies that the
work must be supervised by PhDs from two or more universities, one of which
must be Spanish and the rest foreign, as well as a stay of at least six months
in the universities included in the agreement.

international mention implies that the thesis must meet a series of conditions,
including the obligation to spend at least three months abroad, or that at
least the introduction and conclusions of the research work must be written in
one of the usual languages for scientific communication other than Spanish. On
the other hand, according to EDONA, the highest number of people pursuing an
industrial doctorate to date has also been reached this year, a total of 42 (1
of them, with a grant from the Ministry of Science and Innovation and 41,
thanks to aid from the Government of Navarra). So far, 10 theses have been read
that have obtained this mention, carried out within the framework of companies
and research centers such as Pentabiol, Urzante, NewMusicNow, CSIC,
NavarraBiomed or CENER, and among which there are also UPNA spin-offs such as
Bioinsectis. In the industrial doctorate modality, the research personnel
develop their thesis within a company or institution, where they must be
contracted for at least one year, which favors their labor insertion from the
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