Navarra assumes the presidency of the Euroregion New Aquitaine-Euskadi Navarra until 2026

20 de March de 2024

The New
Aquitaine-Euskadi-Navarre Euroregion (NAEN) has started a new phase with
Navarre assuming the presidency of the grouping from today until 2026. This
phase will focus on deepening the cross-border cooperation already established
between the three regions in crucial areas such as the development of
Euroregional citizenship, territorial cohesion, and the promotion of
innovative, competitive, inclusive and sustainable development. The handover
ceremony took place in Olite / Erriberri, Navarra, during the Annual Assembly
of the Euroregion.

Chivite, the new president, expressed her commitment to consolidate and expand
the capabilities of the Euroregion as a means to make the common space more
competitive and supportive, highlighting the value of the European project in
the defense of human values and the reduction of inequalities, as well as its
role in addressing global challenges such as climate change and digital

Topics covered

During the
assembly, the balance of activities for 2023 was presented, highlighting the
financing of new projects, partnerships and mobility grants, in addition to
continuing with the development of the Strategic Plan 2021-2027. The budget
guidelines for 2024 were approved, maintaining a budget of 900,000 euros
earmarked for Euroregional citizenship and innovation projects, as well as
support for strategic partnerships and academic mobility, demonstrating the
effort to strengthen cross-border cooperation and regional development.

leadership phase of Navarra in the NAEN Euroregion reflects a continued effort
to promote cross-border, local and European development, highlighting the
importance of regional cooperation in the European context. The Euroregion,
which brings together more than 8.7 million people in a large territory, is
thus consolidated as a model of collaboration and shared development,
strengthening the ties between Navarre, New Aquitaine and the Basque Country on
the road to a more integrated and supportive Europe.
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