Navarra develops a new website to bring Personalized Medicine closer to society and make its benefits known

15 de November de 2023

now has a new website whose objective is to facilitate the understanding and
knowledge of Personalized Medicine, as well as to bring the benefits of its
application closer to the general public and professionals in this field. This
new portal, available in Spanish, Basque and English, is a further step forward
in this area, which aims to provide more precise and timely care for each
patient, thus placing the individual at the center of healthcare in the
Autonomous Community of Navarre. In this way, the portal makes visible the work
that the Regional Executive, together with other agents in the private sector,
has been carrying out over the last few years thanks to the implementation of
the Integral Strategy for Personalized Medicine in Navarra, which seeks to
improve healthcare and generate socioeconomic benefits that position the region
as a leader and competitive region in this industry.

presentation of this new website took place during the meeting that brought
together, for the first time in the Palace of Navarra, the Technical Committee
and the Steering Committee of the Interdepartmental Commission of the Integral
Strategy of Personalized Medicine in Navarra, whose presidency is held by the
Minister of University, Innovation and Digital Transformation, Juan Cruz

Integral Strategy of Personalized Medicine of Navarra 2020-2030 represents an
evolution in the way of approaching medical practice that places the person at
the center of healthcare through scientific-technological knowledge and
sustainability, providing changes and improvements in the healthcare system of
Navarra, making it, in addition, a driving force for innovation and development
in the coming years. 
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