Navarra Grants €1.5 Million to Boost Industrial Doctorate Hiring and Research in 18 Entities

2 de August de 2023

Department of University, Innovation, and Digital Transformation has awarded
the “Industrial Doctorates 2023” grants to 18 entities, providing a
total of €1.5 million until 2026. The funding aims to strengthen research lines
and promote the employment of doctoral researchers. Most of the grants (71.8%)
support strategic research projects by SMEs, technological centers, and
research institutes in Navarra. The focus areas include Personalized Medicine,
Healthy and Sustainable Food, Green Energy Industry, Digital Transition, and
Ecological Transition. Among the recipients, eight projects will take place at
the Public University of Navarra, four at the University of Navarra, and others
at academic institutions both within and outside Navarra. The grants aim to
foster research innovation and territorial cohesion, contributing to the
region’s economic development.

the Government of Navarra has allocated €3.7 million to biomedical research
projects carried out by Navarra Hospital Complex, Navarrabiomed, CIMA, and
Clínica Universidad de Navarra. These projects focus on personalized medicine,
molecular patterns in cardiorenal syndrome, and neurological disorder
phenotypes, aiming to enhance diagnostics and treatment approaches in

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