Navarra has been selected to lead the European strategy of “regional innovation valleys” in circular economy

16 de April de 2024

Navarra has been selected to lead the European
strategy of “regional innovation valleys” in circular economy,
representing an international recognition of its commitment to sustainability
and innovation. The European Circular Innovation Valley (ECIV) project, with a
total funding of over 27 million euros, of which 6,428,500 euros are allocated
to Navarra, seeks to transform EU value chains towards more circular practices.
Coordinated by Navarra through its Industry and External Action departments,
the ECIV consortium focuses on joining efforts of nine territories from
different countries to develop innovative solutions that foster the circular
Councilor Mikel Irujo highlighted the importance of
this project for the circular economy strategy in Navarra, aligning with the
EU’s climate neutrality objectives and the improvement of industrial autonomy.
The ECIV promotes interregional collaboration, increasing innovative activity
and experimentation in key sectors such as energy, agri-food, automotive and
construction. In addition, it aims to mobilize significant public and private
investments to boost circularity.
This project not only reflects Navarra’s leadership in
the transition to a more sustainable economy, but also strengthens its position
as an innovative regional ecosystem in Europe. Vice President Ana Ollo
underlined the relevance of the ECIV for sustainable and economic development,
highlighting the institutional cooperation and the active participation of
companies, universities and other stakeholders.
In summary, the ECIV symbolizes a significant step
towards the circular economy in Europe, with Navarra at the forefront, seeking
to generate up to 65 collaborative innovation and experimentation projects in
various industrial sectors.

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