Navarra remains, for the second consecutive year, the community with the second highest donation rate in Spain

31 de January de 2024

Navarra remained in 2023 as the community with the second highest rate
of organ donation in Spain for the second consecutive year. With 48 registered
donors, the community reached a rate of 71.6 donors per million population,
only surpassed by Cantabria. These donors made a total of 118 transplants
possible, up from 114 in 2022.
The 118 transplants performed included 32 liver, 1 heart, 76 kidney, 1
combined pancreas-kidney and 8 bipulmonary transplants. Notably, the first
pancreas donation was performed in the Controlled Asystole Donation or Type III
programme in Navarra. The Clínica Universidad de Navarra carried out 68
transplants during the year, 50 of them with organs from Navarrese donors and
the remainder with organs from other communities.
389 new bone marrow donors
In terms of attitudes towards donation, Navarre recorded 20% family
refusals in 2023, indicating a positive trend towards acceptance of donation.
In addition, there is a growing willingness of patients to express their
intention to be donors during their lifetime. In parallel, the National Bone
Marrow Plan in Navarra experienced a significant increase in donors, with 389
new registrations in 2023, driven in part by the successful “Match
Tour” campaign aimed at young people.
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