Navarra Zirkular

1 de February de 2023

Navarra has been working on the circular economy since 2007 with various European projects and agendas. Since 2016, the Agenda for the development of the circular economy in Navarre 2030 is an instrument that is implemented through Challenge 7 of the Smart Specialisation Strategy of Navarre (S3).

Following the transition to S4 in 2021, which adds sustainability as a cross-cutting priority to the Strategy, Challenge 7 focuses its efforts and brings together all actors under the umbrella of Navarra Zirkular with the aim of facilitating the ecological transition in Navarre’s companies.

The objectives for 2025 are:

  1. To have at least 200 companies adhering to the initiative.
  2. To have at least 75 individual or collaborative circular economy projects carried out by all the member companies in the following areas:
  • Product eco-design innovation
  • Reduction of the demand for resources or emissions
  • Waste reduction and management
  • Efficiency of processes or services
  1. Analyse and diagnose at least 6 value chains.
  2. Provide job-oriented training to 200 students.
  3. Train 100 employees from public administration and private companies.


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