Navarre has been a benchmark in renewable energies for three decades

6 de March de 2024

At the end
of February, the city of Tarragona was the setting for the 2nd Ebro Hydrogen
Corridor Forum, an outstanding event that brought together important political
figures from different autonomous communities in Spain. The forum focused on
the development and promotion of green hydrogen as a means to advance towards
the decarbonisation of industry, improve competitiveness and encourage new
investments in the participating regions, which already have 411 associated
entities and 215 projects underway.
During the
event, special emphasis was placed on Navarra’s experience and leadership in
the field of renewable energies, highlighting its three-decade commitment to
sustainable development. Mikel Irujo shared details of Navarra’s strategy to
integrate green hydrogen into its energy system, highlighting the installation
of 150 MW in electrolysers, the replacement of 5% of natural gas with green
hydrogen in the industrial sector and the creation of three public
hydrogenerators. These actions are part of an ambitious agenda financed by
European REACT funds and other support, projecting investments of between 500
and 750 million euros in the green hydrogen value chain.

The event
also served as a platform for a round table with the participation of leading
representatives of the energy and innovation sector in Navarra, including Uxue
Itoiz, Guillermo Alonso, and representatives of key companies in the
development of green hydrogen such as AIN, Accion Plu, EOSOL Group, Essity,
CENER and Iberdrola.

Three projects underway

addition, the progress of three pioneering projects in Navarra, including the
construction of a green hydrogen plant in Tudela, an ambitious electrolyser
project led by Acciona Plug and the development of electrolyser technology by
Nordex Electrolyzers, was unveiled, underlining the region’s commitment to
innovation and energy sustainability.
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