Navarre is committed to rural tourism as a driving force for development and social equality

22 de March de 2023

The Government of Navarre took part in the 4th National Congress on Depopulation and the Demographic Challenge, where it highlighted the fight against depopulation with measures such as the 2nd Broadband Master Plan and the encouragement of entrepreneurship and rural innovation, as well as the improvement of mobility and transport.

The total population of Navarre with access to ultrafast broadband reached 99.40% by mid-2022, reaching 97.70% of residents in rural areas.

The Government has also highlighted the promotion of mobility and the improvement of communication routes with initiatives such as the renovation and modernization of the Interurban Passenger Transport System, the implementation of on-demand transport services and collective vehicles, as well as the investments made for the maintenance and upkeep of roads in towns at risk of depopulation.

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