Navarre is committed to youth participation for the drafting of the new youth laws

21 de February de 2024

The Third
Vice-President and Regional Minister for Housing, Youth and Migration Policies
of the Government of Navarre, Begoña Alfaro, and the Minister for Youth and
Children, Sira Rego, met in Madrid to discuss and align their plans for the
current legislature, focusing on youth participation in the creation of new
youth laws at both state and regional level. During the meeting, which was
attended by Txema Burgaleta, managing director of the Navarre Youth Institute,
the importance of participatory processes in legislation aimed at young people
was stressed, highlighting the need to listen to their proposals and concerns
in order to build an appropriate legal and regulatory framework.

parties agreed on the main axes for future state regulations, which will
include issues such as economic rights, employment, housing, the eco-social
crisis, intergenerational justice, democratic rights, equality, political
participation and mental health. In Navarre, the roadmap will focus on
combating male violence from a cross-cutting perspective and from an early age,
preventing initiation into sexuality through pornography, tackling hate speech
and fake news, and increasing the public network of specialised youth workers,
as well as strengthening municipal actions coordinated between the Navarre
Youth Institute and local entities.
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