Navarre is the Autonomous Community with the happiest citizens, according to the INE (National Statistics Institute)

3 de April de 2024

consolidates its position as the autonomous community with the best quality of
life in Spain, according to the Multidimensional Quality of Life Indicator of
the National Statistics Institute (INE), standing out for its pleasant
environment, leisure offer, and a high quality of health and education
services. This recognition is not new, as the community has occupied the top
position in this ranking for approximately two decades, leading in three of the
nine indicators evaluated and ranking among the first three in six of them,
although it has room for improvement in labor, governance, basic rights and

The Navarra
2023 Quality of Life Report, presented by the Minister of the Presidency and
Equality, Félix Taberna, and the director of the Office of Analysis and
Prospecting, Txerra García de Eulate, highlights Navarra’s consistency as a
leader in quality of life for 17 or 18 years. This achievement is seen as a
stimulus to continue improving, especially in aspects where the community does
not lead. The report also points out that Navarra, La Rioja and Aragón are the
communities with the highest levels of quality of life in Spain.


Navarra is
in an outstanding position, being the second autonomous community with the
highest life expectancy and the best self-perceived health, despite the
negative impact of the pandemic in recent years. This highlights the importance
of health in the general perception of quality of life. Likewise, the community
leads in overall life satisfaction and positive feelings, evidencing a positive
life experience among its inhabitants.


stands out for its high participation in recent education and for having a high
percentage of young people with higher education. However, it faces challenges
in terms of material living conditions, with a polarized population and areas
for improvement in inequality and access to housing.


Although it
has relatively high wages and low unemployment, it needs to improve job
satisfaction and address involuntary temporary employment. It also stands out
for its low unemployment and long-term unemployment rate, which is also an
improvement over the previous year. Of the eight job items analyzed, Navarre
outperforms the state average in six of them.
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