Nordex Electrolyzers develops in Lumbier the largest electrolyser in Spain to obtain green hydrogen

3 de July de 2024

Nordex Electrolyzers, a joint venture
between the Government of Navarra and Nordex Group, inaugurated a testing
facility in Lumbier and presented a 500 kW pressurised alkaline electrolyser
prototype, the biggest in Spain, designed and manufactured entirely in Navarra.
The event was attended by the President of Navarre, María Chivite, and senior
executives from Nordex and Acciona. This prototype, which aims to produce more
than 10 kg/h of hydrogen with low energy consumption, is part of a plan to have
a scalable final design available by 2026.

The project is in a validation phase
and has significant financial support, including 15 million euros of investment
from Sodena and 12 million euros from the European Commission through the
Hy2Tech programme. Nordex Electrolyzers, established in 2023, aims to
manufacture high quality and sustainable electrolyzers in line with the
transition to a decarbonised economy. The CEO of Nordex Electrolyzers, Luis
Solla, highlighted the prototype’s contribution to the integration of renewable
energies and its potential for the decarbonisation of industrial sectors.

The President of Navarra, María
Chivite, underlined the strategic importance of the project for the region,
highlighting its alignment with the priorities of the Government of Navarra in
renewable energies and innovation. José Manuel Entrecanales, CEO of Acciona,
praised the breakthrough as a historic milestone comparable to previous
achievements in Navarre’s renewable industry, while José Luis Blanco, CEO of
Nordex Group, emphasised the crucial role of green hydrogen in the
decarbonisation of sectors difficult to electrify, pointing to the development
of this prototype as a testament to the technological breakthrough achieved
through collaboration and dedication.
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