One Year of Navarra Talent: Celebrating the Attraction of Global Talent in Navarre

7 de March de 2024

On 6 March,
the Navarra Talent community gathered at the Public University of Navarra
(UPNA) to commemorate its first year. An event that not only celebrated past
achievements, but also looked into the future of talent in our region. With the
key participation of the Government of Navarra and the Navarra International
Plan, this meeting became a platform for debate and reflection on how to
continue attracting the best talent to our territory.

The day
began with an opening speech by Iñigo Arruti, Director General of Business
Development of the Government of Navarra, who highlighted the importance of
collaboration between the public and private sectors in attracting and
retaining talent. This was followed by the presentation of the working
dynamics, where participants were divided into tables to discuss and generate
innovative ideas.

One of the
most valued moments was the coffee and networking in the Aulario Cafeteria of
the UPNA, a space that allowed the exchange of ideas and the strengthening of
the network of professionals of Navarra Talent. This time of informal
interaction became the perfect precursor for the presentation of the

conclusions drawn highlighted the need to create more humanised and
personalised strategies in the process of attracting talent, emphasising the
importance of adapting to new generations who value flexibility, organisational
culture and professional development opportunities. The relevance of
cooperation with educational institutions to create a solid bridge between
education and the labour market was also highlighted, as well as the promotion
of Navarra as an attractive destination not only to work, but also to live.

The event
closed with words of thanks and an invitation to continue actively
participating in building a more innovative and welcoming Navarra for global
talent. This first anniversary of Navarra Talent not only marked a milestone in
our history, but also reaffirmed our commitment to attracting and developing
talent in our region.

With these
 and the continued support of our collaborators and community, Navarra
Talent looks forward to a promising future, full of opportunities for all those
who choose Navarra not only as their place of work, but as their home.Further information
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