Director Miguel Servet Public Foundation (FMS)

End date: 23/05/2024


Functions and tasks: 1. The legal and ordinary representation of the Michael Servetus Foundation to all kinds of persons, authorities and organizations. 2. The execution and fulfillment of the agreements of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation. 3. The planning and monitoring of the action plans and programs of the Foundation. 4. The presentation to the Board of Trustees of the annual report of activities. 5. The direction and monitoring of all the human and material resources of the Foundation. 6. To act as the contracting body 7. The authorization with its signature of the payment of the obligations assumed by the Foundation and the handling of funds, without prejudice to the authorization granted to the person in charge of the Management Direction of Management. 8. The exercise of the functions of the Secretary of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation. 9. To advise the Board of Trustees 10. The scientific direction of the Navarrabiomed research center. 11. Any other task expressly assigned to it by the Board of Trustees. Translated with DeepL.com (free version)


Valuable merits: 1. Participation in the management of research activities 2. Transfer of knowledge, protection of research results. 3. Previous experience in the design of action policies for presentation to governing bodies or funding agencies, as well as the implementation and monitoring of strategic plans will be valued.


Minimum requirements: – PhD in degrees related to health sciences research. Other degrees may be admitted when the work experience justifies the suitability for the position. Valuable merits: – Master’s degree in management/administration.


Ability to communicate in English


Minimum requirements (at least 5 years): – Management of research projects, publications and/or patents. Valuable merits: – Experience in similar positions – Experience and international recognition – Demonstrated work experience in the health or public health sector.
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