30 de November de 2022

Many industrial companies in Navarra do not measure the productivity of their most administrative areas such as sales, sales or management, which translates into inefficiencies and waste of economic, personal and talent resources.

For this reason, the objective of the #OTDTech2022 meeting was to present a set of digital tools to promote a new framework for intelligent productivity. In this sense, some speakers presented improvements in the productivity of their companies, emphasizing that such improvements not only came from the implementation of new technologies, but from a motivational component towards the people of the organization so that they put them into practice.

On the other hand, topics such as the management of unique data to optimize efficiency were addressed and some useful Microsoft tools were presented, as well as various Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions aimed at achieving the automation of incident management within the businesses.

To read the news in full, you can go to the following link:


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