Pamplona, the city with the highest quality of life

3 de January de 2024

Pamplona is
the Spanish city with the highest quality of life. According to the report
‘Quality of life in Spanish cities’, carried out by MWCC (Madrid World Capital
of Engineering, Construction and Architecture) based on the Numbeo database,
one of the largest in the world. This database includes six indicators to
establish the ranking: purchasing power and cost of living, accessibility to
housing, environment, safety, health and traffic. These indicators put the
Navarrese capital in first place, closely followed by Logroño, Oviedo,
Santander and Burgos. Among cities with more than 500,000 inhabitants, Valencia
ranks first. Pamplona is in first place for the purchasing power and cost of
living index, which measures the average income of the population and its
relationship with the cost of more than fifty goods and services. In terms of
environmental criteria, such as air and water quality, cleanliness, noise and
green areas, Pamplona comes first among medium-sized cities. Pamplona is
presented as a natural and sustainable city, with more than 60,000 trees and
more than 300 hectares of green areas; that cares for its citizens and is a
benchmark in the implementation of programmes specialising in active living and
care for the elderly; an innovative city with eight research centers and

figures make Pamplona a benchmark city for quality, where 98% of citizens
consider the capital to be a good place to live and life expectancy stands at
84.4 years on average.
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