“People who improve companies” Award – V Edition

17 de November de 2022

This recognition is part of the “Improving the competitiveness of the company through people” project, whose purpose is to promote organizational models among Navarre companies that focus on the professional and personal development of their employees. This is possible thanks to better talent management, as well as the promotion of creativity and motivation of its workers.

All companies domiciled in Navarra can participate and submit applications until December 20 at 2:00 p.m. In this fifth edition, companies can submit up to two applications that must be endorsed by the rest of the workforce. Applications can be made in the following categories: “Professionals with direct responsibility for budget or people” and “Professionals who do not have direct responsibility for budget or people”.

The award ceremony will take place at a public event to be held in January. To request information about the bases and the proposal presentation form, it is recommended to write to the following email: reconocimiento@cen.es.

You can consult the complete news in the following link:


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