President Chivite highlights Navarre’s commitment to research and innovation during the reception for international researchers of the WIT programme

29 de November de 2023

President of Navarre, María Chivite Navascués, has shown during the reception
to nine researchers who have obtained pre-doctoral grants in the Welcoming
International Talent (WIT) programme the commitment of Navarre to advance in
training, research and innovation. Welcoming International Talent (WIT) is a
pre-doctoral aid programme that seeks to attract talent to Navarre and has
already financed 16 students in two calls for applications with a total budget
of 2.6 million euros.

president thanked the “work and commitment to research” of the nine
participants in the reception, eight researchers from the first call and one
from the second edition, which has recently been resolved. During her speech,
President Chivite highlighted the university system in Navarre “of
enormous prestige in both training and research” and underlined the key
role of research. In this sense, President Chivite highlighted Navarre’s
commitment to innovation and talent, which has placed it among the “one hundred
most innovative regions in Europe”, being, moreover, according to the CYD
2023 Foundation report, “the community with the highest proportion of
higher education graduates among the population aged 25 to 64, the one with the
highest employment rate for higher education graduates, 85%, and the community
with the highest percentage of international students”. With this total
budget, two calls for grants have been made, the first in April 2022 and the
second in January 2023.

grants include a gross annual salary of up to 36,000 euros, in addition to the
financing of the costs of the employer’s social security contributions and an
additional allowance for relocation and installation in Navarra, training stays
and mobility, as well as financing of other research-related expenses.
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