Spain Food Valley kicks off with 17 companies and 28 projects

30 de May de 2023

Spain Food Valley is already up and running. The group of companies coordinated by the National Centre for Food Technology and Safety (CNTA) has already submitted 28 projects worth 37.3 million euros to the Strategic Project for the Recovery and Economic Transformation (PERTE) Agri-Food.
Between 2023 and 2025, the actions framed within the Spain Food Valley projects are expected to enable progress in the application of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence or NIR and hyperspectral image analysis to food safety controls, the digitisation of industrial traceability and quality systems, the manufacture of new ingredients and high-value products from food by-products or the optimisation of the industrial use of water, among many other examples.
The launch of Spain Food Valley now joins another initiative led by CNTA, Eatex Food Innovation Hub, with which it shares its transformative vocation. The innovation hub, which aims to facilitate access to and transfer of the most cutting-edge technologies to all the companies that make up the food chain, also aspires to help overcome technological challenges arising from Spain Food Valley projects, creating synergies between the two initiatives and consolidating CNTA’s role as a driving force in the transformation of the food industry of the future.
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