Strategic Events S4 – IRIS Challenge

20 de December de 2022

This conference will bring together companies, research centers and SINAI agents to improve synergies between them and expose European funding opportunities. In addition, the latest trends and developments in the key sectors of the Smart and Sustainable Specialization Strategy S4 will be analyzed.

A European agent (company, research center or member of the European Commission) will participate in these events and will explain the models that are being developed in their region around the theme of the chosen challenge.

In short, they are working sessions that seek to learn about European and local success stories related to the themes of the S4 challenges. In addition, the aim of the sessions is also to position Navarra’s R&D in Europe and to bring European best practices to Navarra. 

For more information, see the link to the news: https://europedirectnavarra.eu/evento/6569/

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