The Alliance of Automotive Regions has approved the so-called “Declaration of Navarre”

22 de November de 2023

Alliance of Automotive Regions (ARA), held in Pamplona, has approved the
so-called “Declaration of Navarre”, in which this entity, which
brings together 35 European territories, demands more EU funding to maintain
the global competitiveness of the sector’s industry.

In the
declaration, the ARA stresses that the transition of the automotive industry in
Europe is part of a wider transformation that affects various aspects such as
industrial policy, employment, social issues and environmental protection.

The regions
also call for the creation of a European mechanism to support a fair and
equitable transition of automotive regions and suppliers to maintain the
competitiveness of the sector and stress the importance of linking this
transition to the future of European cohesion policy.

In the
statement, the ARA calls on the European Commission to verify whether the scope
of the Just Transition Fund envelope needs to be revised to include other
activities such as the automotive industry, with additional funding.
At the
framework of this Conference, the Interregional Group on the Future of the
Automotive Sector of the European Committee of the Regions (CoRAI), the
Alliance of Automotive Regions and the private sector, represented by the
Automotive Skills Alliance, have signed an agreement on public-private
partnership in the automotive sector. In the agreement, the parties commit to
jointly advocate and support the retraining and upskilling of the regional
workforce to avoid job losses, as well as to monitor the supply and demand of
relevant skills and anticipate future demands, while supporting the objectives
of the Green Deal and on the basis of a territorial impact assessment. In
addition to advancing mutual recognition of professional qualifications across
the EU, the signatories of the agreement commit to jointly advocate for the
creation of a Just Transition Mechanism for regions with the most affected
automotive industry, in order to support in particular SMEs and the supplier
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