The Government of Navarra and the University of Navarra reinforce their commitment to encourage scientific knowledge and research in Navarra

13 de March de 2024

The University
counsellor, Innovation and Digital Transformation of the Government of Navarra,
Patricia Fanlo, together with senior officials from her department, visited the
University of Navarra to get a closer look at the research and sustainability
projects carried out by the institution, including the outstanding BIOMA center
and the Cima facilities. During the visit, the existing collaboration between
the regional government and the university, manifested through various
initiatives such as scholarships, summer courses and grants for academic
projects, was highlighted, emphasizing the importance of this alliance in the
advancement of education and research.

University of Navarra has experienced a notable increase in its scientific
production, driven by the creation of new research centers and the development
of professional research careers, with a special focus on personalized
medicine, oncological and rare diseases and palliative medicine. This research
orientation is in line with the objectives of the Regional Executive, which
seeks to focus health care on the patient, offering more precise and timely

Navarra, competitive thanks to public-private

support for research at Cima, reflected in funding amounting to 3 million euros
for various projects, is evidence of the importance of public-private
collaboration in strengthening Navarra’s competitiveness and leadership in the
biomedical field, as highlighted by the Chancellor María Iraburu and the
Councilor Patricia Fanlo. This synergy between public administration,
universities, research centers and companies not only boosts research and its
transfer to society, but also contributes to the development of a knowledge
model oriented towards social welfare and the construction of a prosperous
future for the community.
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