The Government of Navarre elaborates a draft bill to boost trade

11 de June de 2024

Government of Navarre proposes a new model of public-private collaboration with
the Economic Promotion Areas (APE), delimited areas where strategies will be
applied to boost the local economy, improve the environment and promote local

by successful international models, the APEs will focus on attracting
investment, reducing vacancies, organizing events, improving environmental
quality, promoting corporate social responsibility and the visibility of
self-employed women, and beautifying the urban landscape.

will be financed with public and private contributions and municipal subsidies.
The creation of each APE will be subject to the approval of the corresponding
municipality and compliance with a rigorous participatory procedure. An
agreement between each APE and the municipality will define the obligations of
each party, ensuring the coordination of public and private interests.

initiative seeks to address Navarra’s urban and environmental challenges,
foster innovation in the management of urban areas, and revitalize local
commerce. The PEAs are expected to contribute to improving the competitiveness
of commerce, energizing urban life, creating jobs, revitalizing public space
and achieving more socially cohesive cities.

draft bill is currently being reviewed by the Council of Navarre and is
expected to be approved shortly.

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