The Government of Navarre supports Navarrese cinema at the audiovisual festivals of Annecy and La Rochelle

22 de August de 2023

Navarra is
making progress in the expansion of its audiovisual sector in the international
market with the recent presence of the Navarra Film Industry audiovisual brand
at the festivals in the French cities of Annecy and La Rochelle.
With the
aim of boosting and promoting the audiovisual sector abroad, the Navarra
International Plan has contributed with economic aid destined largely for the
exclusive use of a table at the ICEX Spain stand at both festivals, as well as
for promotional material and advice from mentors for the participating
companies from Navarra.

presence at these two festivals has served to publicise several projects from
Navarra under the umbrella of Navarra Film Industry (NFI), Navarra’s own
audiovisual brand, which encompasses public and private agents in the sector:
the Government of Navarra and the public company NICDO, the audiovisual cluster
CLAVNA and the association of companies and professionals in the sector NAPAR.

Annecy Festival
This is the
most important and largest international animation festival on the
international film scene, which took place in the town of the same name in
France from 11 to 17 June, and served to present the Navarrese-produced films
Robot Dreams and Inspector Sun and the Curse of the Black Widow.

Side of the Doc in La Rochelle
 In the case of the Sunny Side of the Doc
festival held in La Rochelle between 19 and 22 June, the Navarra Film Industry
attended for the first time, and did so under its new brand Navarra Documentary
Film with the attendance of a delegation made up of 15 filmmakers from Navarra
who were able to present their projects at one of the most important events on
the calendar for documentary content producers.
On this
occasion, there have been more than 120 appointments, where producers and
directors from Navarra have been able to present their projects to the
international market.

 In this case, the promotional material and the
use of a table at the ICEX stand have served to raise the profile of both
Navarrese animation projects participating in this event.

audiovisual sector, a priority for Navarra
audiovisual sector is an emerging industry with great potential for growth in Navarre,
with a solid scheme of entities, aid and R&D tax credits. On the other
hand, sustainability is increasingly present throughout the entire audiovisual
value chain, offering the possibility of filming with a maximum reduction of
the carbon footprint and professionals and suppliers who are strongly aware of
green shooting.

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