The number of active companies in Navarra rebounds to 2017 levels

31 de October de 2023

to data from the latest NASTAT report corresponding to January 2023, the
industrial sector employs four out of every ten salaried people According to
data from the latest update of the Directory of Companies of Navarra (DENA)
carried out on January 1, 2023 by the Statistical Institute of Navarra (NASTAT)
in Navarra 39,381 establishments, such as factories, offices and other premises
The service sector groups 22.The rest of Services sector has the greatest
weight in the structure of the population of companies, it groups 22. Including
personal services, they represent 57.2% of the total number of companies The
weight of Commerce: it has 8,554 companies with a total of 22%, this sector
includes companies that carry out wholesale, retail and trade intermediaries
activities Construction represents 12% Finally, the companies of the
Construction sector represented 12.0% of the total and those of Industry
(including Energy) 8.8%, the number of premises is slightly lower: there are
42,381 premises, a figure only 0.1% lower than that recorded the previous
year.If we also consider the premises located in the autonomous community of
Navarre corresponding to companies with registered offices in other autonomous
communities, the figure is 43,862 for the previous year, 2022, 56.4% of these
premises corresponding to companies classified in the Rest of Services sector.
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