The six pillars of talent and Navarra´s situation

23 de April de 2024

The Talent
Map 2023, prepared by Cotec and the Valencian Institute of Economic Research,
ranks regions based on six essential pillars for attracting and retaining
talent: Facilitate, Attract, Grow, Retain, Skills and Knowledge. Each pillar is
broken down into specific sub-areas that assess various aspects of the business
environment, labor market integration, education, sustainability and

Facilitate, Navarra stands out for its sound regulatory and business environment,
facilitating a conducive business climate and remarkable administrative
efficiency, reflecting its competitive potential and executive preparedness.

Speaking of
Attracting, it stands out for its ability to attract and retain international
talent, especially in the academic field, where it leads nationally in the
presence of foreign students.

It also
excels in the fight against the risk of poverty, leading in this area at the
national level and demonstrating a strong social commitment in its inclusion
and welfare policies when it comes to the Grow pillar.

On the
fourth pillar, Retain, it stands out as a leader in sustainability, social
protection and quality of life, key factors that contribute to its ability to
effectively retain talent.

Capabilities, Navarra is strongly positioned in fifth place nationally,
standing out for its education system that effectively adjusts to the needs of
the labor market and for promoting high employability of its workforce.

In the
Knowledge pillar, Navarra stands out for its exceptional capacity to train
scientists and engineers and for the high level of its graduates in STEM
careers, which contributes significantly to its leadership in innovation and
high value-added exports.

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