Gender equality for competitiveness: Sodena launches ‘DEBUTING’ project

9 de August de 2023

Co-financed by Interreg Europe, with a
duration of 4 years and formed by 11 partner entities from 10 European regions
(Baden-Württemberg (Germany), Emilia-Romagna (Italy), Grand Est (France),
Lapland (Finland), Magyarország (Hungary), Navarre (Spain), Niederösterreich
(Austria), North-Vest (Romania) and Pomorskie (Poland), led by the Swedish
Värmland (Sweden), Navarra (Spain), Niederösterreich (Austria), North-Vest
(Romania) and Pomorskie (Poland), led by Sweden’s Värmland, which will be
advised by fellow countryman Karlstad University), ‘DEBUTING’ (DEBUTING:
Developing Business Through Inclusiveness and Gender Awareness – New Cluster
Competences), was created with the aim of promoting gender equality in industry
and positioning it as a factor of competitiveness and differentiation.
DEBUTING’ highlights the value of
interregional collaboration to promote learning, and includes visits to partner
regions to learn in situ about their best practices, participation in
workshops, training and discussion groups to improve the policies that each region
should carry out.
At this meeting, the partners defined the
next steps of the project, including the measurement of the labor climate in
terms of equality in the companies and the definition of a series of workshops
around 6 axes that will be given to all the regions and their stakeholders:
Talent recruitment.

To this end, it is important to promote
the ”change of image”, or an increase in the representation of women in
companies and productive fabric, verifying that there is an evolution of the
image projected and incorporating gender equality as a factor for improving
Navarra will continue working for
equality, will attend the workshops and discussion groups organized from
‘DEBUTING’ and will act as host of the European regions in the spring of 2024
also offering options for visits, studies and training to companies, with the
aim of achieving the commitment of the business fabric and the linkage to work
with companies and create a strong and coordinated ecosystem, without
forgetting that ”there is nothing more innovative than gender equality,
because it has not yet been achieved”.
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