Navarra has generated almost 30,000 jobs in the last six years

14 de May de 2024

report “The productive model and the labor market” highlights that in
the last six years, Navarre has created around 30,000 jobs in sectors of high
productive value, with an 11% increase in net salaried jobs. This growth has
been concentrated in knowledge-intensive areas such as education, artistic
activities, information and communications, health and social services, and professional,
scientific and technical sectors.

social and economic policy adopted has led to a significant improvement in the
quality of employment, evidenced by an increase in permanent contracts and a
decrease in temporary contracts, which has led to a reduction in the temporary
employment rate.

addition, CCOO highlights that the transformation in the labor market has not
only increased the quality of employment, but has also improved its sectoral
composition, favoring more qualified and higher value-added sectors. This
evolution is the result of a different management from the austerity and
cutback policies applied in previous crises. The current strategy has tackled
the recent economic and social turbulences from an innovative perspective,
which has reinforced Navarra’s leadership in establishing a more stable and
advanced labor market.

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