Navarre’s labour market rebounds in a challenging environment

5 de April de 2023

The labour market in Navarre shows an improvement in the unemployment figures with respect to 2019, as in February of this year 2023 there were 1,475 fewer unemployed, also corroborated by the figures for Social Security affiliation, which have increased by 16,956 contributions in the same period. All this, taking into account the economic, health and social crisis experienced in recent years.

Navarre needs to fill more than 3,000 jobs, especially in the service sector. One of the keys to correcting the distortions in the labour market in Navarre would be to retrain as many unemployed people as possible and to redirect as many students as possible towards the specialities most in demand in the labour market. Likewise, the direct connection between the educational system and the companies themselves should be strengthened, so that graduates respond better to real needs, in order to configure educational curricula and make classes compatible with work experience.

The constant evolution of the economy and innovation are also having a major impact on the working population as a whole, who can no longer spend their working lives without acquiring new skills. This will mean a real revolution both for the workers themselves, who will have to think of ways of making continuous professional retraining compatible with their working days, and for companies, which will have to become active agents in this process in order to retrain their staff. It will mean a profound transformation of the internal culture of many companies, since it will not be enough to receive new knowledge, but also, as the experts point out, it will be necessary to put it into practice regularly in order to integrate it into the daily routine so that it does not fall on deaf ears.

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