Regional Minister Irujo highlights the strength of the personalised medicine sector in Navarre

21 de February de 2023

“Navarre stands out for its great strengths in the entire value chain of the health sector. Within the sectors of Navarra’s S4 Smart Specialisation Strategy, this sector is the one that has grown the most, reaching 793 million euros”, Irujo stressed. The Regional Minister also pointed out that “Navarre was the first region in Spain to develop a personalised medicine strategy. A strategy drawn up by three Departments, Health, Innovation and Economic Development. This makes us leaders in its development”.

To conclude, the Regional Minister Irujo also wished to highlight “the importance of the fact that Navarre has two leading health research centres, Navarrabiomed and CIMA, both of which have quality clinical services and a health sector that employs more than 31,500 people, 2,500 of whom are linked to industry”.

Personalised medicine is also one of the challenges included in the call for grants for Strategic R&D Projects. Since 2017, the first year of these grants, 17 projects related to genomics and applied medicine (GEMA Challenge) have been developed. In total, these projects have had a budget of 27.9 million euros, of which 25.3 million have been funds from these grants.

The congress, organised by the International Consortium for Personalised Medicine (ICPerMed), was supported by the Government of Navarra and the Carlos III Institute, as well as the European Commission.

Source: navarra.es

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